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Best Things to Do in Downtown Las Vegas

Best Things to Do in Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas has experienced an incredible revitalization in the last few years. Tourists of all backgrounds and age groups have come to appreciate the unique vibrancy and classic charm the downtown area has to offer and are visiting this part of the city more than ever before. We know with so many new things to experience, it’s hard to choose what to do first! Therefore, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to help you plan the most unforgettable Downtown Las Vegas trip on your next visit.

Awesome Dining Options

downtown las vegas american restaurant

One of the main draws for many visitors is the awesome variety of culinary options. We’re talking ultra-gourmet cuisine to the most creative fusion food trucks you’ll ever find. Whether you’re looking for something casual, exotic, upscale or comforting, Downtown Las Vegas runs the dining gamut. If you’re looking for the best restaurants in the area, your best bet is right next to the Downtown Grand or on Fremont Street. The selection is second to none and it’s extremely easy to get around. Within a stretch of a few blocks, you have the choice between the very popular Park on Fremont, Therapy, The Smashed Pig Gastropub, and Le Thai, all showcasing passionate chefs and inspired menus. You’ll also be surrounded by the most delicious food trucks rotating throughout the area. With Downtown Grand located right on Fremont Street, here are some exceptional dining options that you won’t want to miss:

  • Triple George Grill – This San Francisco-style seafood and steakhouse is the ultimate nostalgic dining experience. You’re immediately transported to the timeless Rat Pack era with a perfect Old Fashioned and dry-aged steak.
  • Freedom Beat – Both a dining destination and an intimate, state-of-the-art performance venue, Hell’s Kitchen Season 12 winner, Chef Scott Commings serves up the best comfort food from across the country.
  • Pizza Rock – You can find this energetic, artisan pizza joint conveniently located across the street from Downtown Grand. Perfect for casual dining or even on-the-go purchases. Stop in and grab a slice of one of the best pizza slices in town!

Fremont Street Nightlife

As with dining, the options for evening entertainment are endless in Downtown Las Vegas. The Fremont Street Experience is unquestionably the place to be when it comes to the best nightlife in the downtown area. Offering the famous Viva Vision light show, free live music concert series, jaw-dropping street performances, and the exhilarating Slotzilla Zip Line (also open during the day), there is never a dull moment to be found on Fremont. There’s also an impressive list of local dive bars, cocktail lounges, and craft beer breweries with reasonably priced drinks that will keep the party going all night.

  • Fremont Street Experience Concert Series – Almost every music genre is represented in these free live music shows across three stages on Fremont, including rock, alternative, country, 80’s dance, hip-hop, and EDM.
  • Viva Vision Light Show – This amazing canopy projection screen immerses the Fremont crowd in a dazzling spectacle of lights and music. Scheduled to run every night, each light show lasts for about six minutes.
  • Slotzilla Zip Lining – Fly high above the bustling Fremont crowd with this urban zip lining experience. Choose to fly seven stories up while sitting, or 11 stories up while flying superhero style!
  • Local Bar Hopping – No driving or parking issues here. Go door to door straight down Fremont for the strongest cocktails and most creative concoctions that Downtown Las Vegas has to offer. Be sure to check out Backstage Bar, The Griffin, Oak & Ivy, and our own Art Bar.

Downtown Container Park

The Container Park is a truly unique destination. Every structure housing the multiple stores, bars, restaurants, and galleries is a repurposed shipping container or multifunctional modular cube. This attraction can be found on the southeast corner of Fremont and 7th Street and spans about 19,000 square feet. With no age restrictions, this is a great place for the whole family to go for a bite to eat, shopping, or just to enjoy the one-of-a-kind space. Built as part of the efforts to revitalize the Downtown Las Vegas area, Container Park is one of the most popular destinations for families visiting Sin City. Here are some of the things you need to check off your list while visiting:

  • The 55-foot Praying Mantis – This steel sculpture is a mobile art piece that was originally built for Burning Man, a music and arts festival held every year in Northern Nevada. The Mantis sculpture stands right at the entrance of the Container Park, shooting sky-high flames from its antennae to the beat of accompanying music.
  • The Dome – A real visual entertainment experience, this immersive dome uses 14 million pixels and a 4K display to surround audiences with legendary band performances and captivating visual documentaries. The Dome at Container Park houses 25 recliner seats to enhance the experience.
  • Tree House & Playground – This is a real treat if you happen to have your kids with you when visiting Downtown Las Vegas. The children’s play area comes complete with a 33-foot slide, urban treehouse, interactive NEOS 360 game, and foam blocks that encourage creative play.

Arts District

Also referred to as “18b” due to the 18 blocks that originally made up the district, the Arts District is a cultural hub neatly tucked away in an understated corner on West Charleston. Peppered with art galleries and studios throughout the converted warehouses and aging buildings, this area has pushed Downtown Las Vegas’s redevelopment efforts forward. A genuine creative community continues to grow in this part of the city and welcomes tourists and locals alike to support painters, musicians, and business owners who are following their artistic passions. More events and attractions are being added regularly to accommodate the growing interest and crowds.

  • First Friday Festival – Every first Friday of every month, the Arts District hosts a public celebration of art, music, and food. Thousands of people flock to the area to view the many art displays, murals, live performances, and other attractions that cover several blocks in the district.
  • Arts District Bars – This eclectic group of bars boasts generously poured drinks, live band performances, and a diverse crowd of patrons in a uniquely artistic setting. Be sure to visit Velveteen Rabbit, Mingo, and Frankie’s Tiki Room.

Vintage Vegas at Its Best

So many people have come to recognize Las Vegas for its vintage charm and iconic neon imagery. Downtown Las Vegas has truly captured this vibe like no other part of the city. Before the mega casinos and hotels lined The Strip on Las Vegas Boulevard, Downtown Las Vegas was the undisputed mecca of the city. Visitors are now recognizing the value and appeal of this part of town and frequent the area to experience a piece of this fascinating Sin City history.

Here are a few downtown attractions that will take you back to those days:

  • Neon Museum – What happens to all the neon displays from the old casinos? This Downtown Las Vegas museum is your answer. The most recognizable neon signs dating back to the very beginning of Sin City are housed and displayed in this neon boneyard. Daily tours are the perfect way to pay homage to old Vegas and stray off the beaten path.
  • Mob Museum – Chronicling the emergence of organized crime in Las Vegas and other major mobster cities, this in-depth museum unapologetically covers it all. Drop in for a bold view of how vintage Vegas was largely influenced by organized crime figures.

Most Downtown Las Vegas casinos and establishments have continued to maintain the pillars of what made Vegas what it was – affordable drinks, low table limits, unrivaled entertainment, and comfortable accommodations. Downtown Grand is dedicated to providing the most authentic Las Vegas experience with the best gambling options, dining choices, and friendly staff that can help you make the most of your time while in Las Vegas. We look forward to seeing you downtown!

September 2018 – Real Music. Real Downtown.

Freedom Beat, home to America’s tastes and tunes, has cranked up the volume on its music program, featuring the best local artists for FREE shows open to ALL AGES in Downtown Las Vegas. Check out these three “can’t miss” artists from our September lineup.

Natalie Wattre

Natalie began singing and even writing melodies at the young age of 3. Her professional career as a singer began in 1989 where she formed the LA band, The Extinct. The went on to have a 7-year long career with tours throughout the U.S. and Canada along with an album release. Upon the disillusion of the band, Natalie went on to pursue an independent music career to showcase her songwriting talent and wide range of vocal styles. As a cover artist, the music ranges from The Beatles and Elton John to The Chainsmokers and Rihanna. This will be her first appearance on the Freedom Beat stage.

See Natalie Wattre live at Freedom Beat:

  • Saturday, September 1st 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

2. Tony Venniro

Freedom Beat Music Event

Tony is among a handful who was born and raised here in Las Vegas. He always had a passion for music and his talent for it seemed to have come second nature to him. He is apart of a four piece band, Picture Pilot. When Tony is not performing with the band, he does solo acoustic performance. He is all about getting the crowd moving during his performance, whether it is with classic or one of his original songs. He is no stranger to Downtown Grand as Tony has previously taken center stage at Freedom Beat during brunch and for the coveted Culinary Road Trip dinner series.

See Tony Venniro live at Freedom Beat:

  • Thursday, September 20th 10 p.m. – 1 a.m.

3. Lisa Mac

Reported by The Independent as “impressive, powerful and identifiable,” Lisa Mac has become one of the most sought after local artists in Las Vegas. She has performed at numerous venues including Hard Rock Cafe and was among the Top Ten Finalists competing for a sport at the 2017 Life is Beautiful Festival. She has toured nationally and most recently released an album entitled Picnic. The soulful blues-rock songwriting makes her way back to the Freedom Beat stage at the end of this month.

See Lisa Mac live at Freedom Beat:

  • Saturday, September 29th 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Catch other local artists perform at Freedom Beat:

  • Fridays 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.
  • Saturdays 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.
  • Sundays 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Always free and open to all ages. See the full September line-up here.

Tips for Playing Slot Tournaments

You think you’re ready for our upcoming Football Frenzy Slot Tournament in our state-of-the-art Downtown Las Vegas casino? Unlike poker or blackjack, slot tournaments are more beginner friendly. Now this isn’t to say you can just enter blindy. You’ll need to consider these few tips, and you may win your share of $25,000 this weekend.

Arrive earlyFree Slot Play in Downtown Las Vegas

You need time to relax and focus before you sit down in front of the machine. So arrive more than a few minutes before the first round. Be prepared. If you’re not already a Downtown Grand Rewards member, make sure you sign up ahead of time. This will make the process seamless and give you time to get in the right frame of mind.

Need for speed

Speed is vital if you want to win. You may not be able to control what comes up on the reels, but you can control the number of spins. It’s basic math – the more spins, the more wins.

Stay focused

To maximize your winnings, you’ll need to spin the second the reel stops. This means staying focused and minimizing any and all distractions. Block out your surroundings and focus solely on your machine during the 2-minute rounds. Don’t worry about how much time you have left, just keep spinning. We’ll stop you when the time comes. Also, don’t distract yourself by peaking on your neighbors’ scores – you’ll only hurt yourself.

Hold the celebrations

It’s tempting to cheer when you get a big win, but you’re not finished until the time runs out. Despite any big wins that may come through, keep your strategy of spinning at the completion of every reel.
Embrace your superstitions
Don’t listen to Stevie Wonder. Be superstitious and bring along your lucky talisman. The grand prize in this tournament is $10,000 – you’ll want any bit of luck you can get!

Now you’re ready. Registration takes place Friday, August 24th from 4pm – 7pm and Saturday, August 25th from 9am – 10m. The first round will begin at 11am on Saturday.
Good luck!

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