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December 20, 2018

Whoa! 90’s Grand House Party Ultimate Dress Guide

In celebration of the WHOA! FREE 90’s Grand House Party hosted by Joey Lawrence this New Year’s Eve, we wanted to give you a fun (and hopefully beneficial) style guide to highlight some quick and easy 90’s fashion trends to help you find that dank, dope, fly, super fresh outfit!

Ladies, let’s start off with the obvious. Butterfly hair clips. Get ‘em. Clip ‘em. No more to say on that.

Other popular dress items include:


Buffalo Shoes

Doc Martens

Babydoll Dresses


Dragon and Flame Motifs


Tiny Backpacks

Knee High Socks

Rave Gear

Gents, let’s talk about some popular 90’s gear for you. (Not technically “gear” but don’t forget your DEP Hair Gel).

Popular dress items include:

Snapback Hats

Overalls with one strap down

Biker Jackets



Bucket Hats

Ripped Jeans

Bike Shorts

Let’s throw it back to this super fly decade and end 2018 on a hella good note, we hope that these pointers inspire some dope ideas.

The WHOA! 90’s Grand House Party is THE place to be this New Years’ Eve for fun, food, drinks and of course the only place in all of Las Vegas to be getting jiggy with it.

See you there!







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