Life Is Beautiful Weekend: What To Do Before the Festival

After a painfully long hiatus to live music, Life Is Beautiful makes its way back to Downtown Las Vegas with a truly impressive lineup this year. If you’re heading to Las Vegas to partake in this three-day music and arts festival, you’ll definitely have plenty to do while on the festival grounds, which covers 18 city blocks in downtown! But what are your plans before the artists hit the stage?

Here are some tips and things to do in Downtown Las Vegas before the Life is Beautiful 2021 festival:

Fuel Up

We promise there will be a great selection of food and drinks on the festival grounds, but a lot of it will most likely be overpriced. Also, seating is limited, so you’ll have to eat on the go while bouncing from stage to stage. With a long and exciting weekend ahead of you, why not get a good meal in before the festival gates open at 2:00 pm?

The best place to get energy for a long day of enjoying the festivities is the brunch at Freedom Beat from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. The Freedom Beat brunch menu focuses on comfort food from America’s heartland and is the perfect choice for stocking up on carbs and energy for the festival day ahead. If you’d really like to get the party started early, Bottomless Mimosas and Bloody Marys are available for $14.

You also have an endless selection of Downtown Las Vegas restaurants on Fremont Street, Fremont East District, Downtown Container Park, and the Downtown Arts District to choose from, so take your pick and fuel up!

loaded fries freedom beat downtown las vegas

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Remember, Las Vegas is a desert. That means it’s going to be hot and dry in mid-September. Whether you plan to drink alcohol during the festival or not, it’s easy to get dehydrated in the summer sun. Before Life Is Beautiful weekend, make a point to drink up as much as you can.

Order an extra glass of water with your meal, carry a bottle of water with you as you explore Downtown Las Vegas, and chug some cool H2O before the doors open. Also, you are allowed to bring a refillable water bottle to the festival! Buy one ahead of time so you can refill as often as needed from one of the water stations on the festival grounds.

Cool Off By the Pool

Another great way to beat the Vegas heat is to take a dip in the pool. You have plenty of time in the morning and early afternoon to relax poolside before you need to get ready for the festival. Cool off, take a nap, or sip on a signature cocktail. Just be sure to apply sunblock and, as we just mentioned, stay hydrated while outside.

If you happen to be staying at Downtown Grand, you have access to our rooftop Citrus Grand Pool Deck! We have everything you need to get the party started well before Life Is Beautiful, including a sparkling infinity pool, full bar, food menu, cabanas, grassy seating area, and backyard games.

Charge Up Your Phone

This tip might seem obvious, but it’s still worth saying. You’ll be taking a lot of pictures and videos while at the festival, and you don’t want to miss out on capturing those memories because you forgot to charge your phone. If you plan on being out all day, bring a charger with you in case you find an outlet or charging station to juice up your phone whenever possible.

Also, you can expect limited cell service during the festival. With so many people gathered in one area trying to send texts, make calls, or just browse online, it’s bound to jam up services—which brings us to our next tip.

Designate a Meet-Up Place For Your Group

It might not be easy to text your friends to let them know where you are during Life Is Beautiful. With slow or limited cell service, it’s always best to designate a location as the place to meet up if you happen to be separated during the festival.

It could be on the festival grounds or maybe somewhere in Downtown Las Vegas that is recognizable and easy to get to. This way, you can split up to watch the artists you want to see and know exactly where to meet up afterward.

designated spot with friends at Life Is Beautiful music festival

Plan It Out

We understand that Life Is Beautiful is a music and arts festival, and part of that fun and energetic atmosphere is being free to enjoy it however you want. However, you’ll want to at least have a fluid plan if you’re going to make the most of the 2021 lineup.

There will be multiple stages with artists performing at the same time. You’ll also have bands you’ll want to see right after another performance finishes. If you map who you want to see and on which stage, it’ll be less likely that you’ll miss one of your favorites. Check out the full Life Is Beautiful schedule and lineup now.

If you’re unsure how you’ll get to the Life Is Beautiful festival, driving and parking in downtown is NOT recommended. Several parking lots in the area will be closed because they are located on the festival grounds. Parking will be extremely limited, so you should consider using a rideshare service or public transportation if you’re not staying within walking distance.

Explore Downtown Las Vegas

You should plan on exploring Downtown Las Vegas before the Life Is Beautiful Festival, especially if you haven’t visited before. Downtown has become the cultural mecca of the city, with impressive artwork, street murals, noteworthy chefs, regular live performances, and monthly First Friday art walks.

Take a ride down the Fremont Street zipline, check out some Las Vegas museums, try your luck at a Downtown Las Vegas casino, grab a craft beer at one of the local breweries, or simply sit back for a hefty dose of people-watching. Then, have a blast at Life Is Beautiful!

couple exploring downtown las vegas

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A Beautiful Weekend Awaits!

If you haven’t purchased your Life Is Beautiful festival tickets yet, don’t worry! Festival tickets are still available to buy online. Downtown Grand also has spacious art-inspired rooms available in our new Gallery Tower. We’ll see you from September 17-19, 2021, for an exciting music-filled weekend!

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