Las Vegas Airbnb vs. The Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino

Planning a trip to Las Vegas is always an exciting task. With everything back up and running, you’ll definitely have a long list of where you want to eat, which shows you should see, what pool parties to hit, and what nightclubs to visit. However, that leaves one big question: Where are you going to stay?

With so many things to do in Downtown Las Vegas, more and more people are switching gears and staying in this hip and lively part of town. If you’re debating on whether to book a Las Vegas Airbnb or reserve a room at the Downtown Grand, our Las Vegas experts share what you can expect with both.

Downtown Grand Hotel Casino


When it comes to convenience, there are many perks to both a hotel and Airbnb. The benefits really depend on what you’re looking for and what you’ll be doing during your stay in Las Vegas.

An Airbnb may be further away from all the action, especially if you’re going to rent an entire house for your group. This might mean more driving or rideshares to get to where you’re going. On the other hand, Downtown Grand is right in the middle of Downtown Las Vegas, where you’re steps away from the best restaurants, bars, gaming, and live music on Fremont Street. Being able to walk to your destination and enjoy everything all in one place is a convenience many Vegas-goers want.

However, an Airbnb does provide some convenience in the form of access to a kitchen. If you’re traveling to Vegas with your family and don’t plan to go out very often, a kitchen might be much more convenient than close proximity to restaurants and entertainment.


Another consideration when comparing an Airbnb to a Downtown Las Vegas hotel is amenities. What does an Airbnb have to offer, and what does the hotel provide to make your stay one for the books?

Many Airbnbs advertise some added comforts to help guests enjoy their time in Las Vegas. This could be free Netflix or HBO access, comfortable beds, or accessible parking. You may even have a pool or bbq on the property. However, you are still staying in somebody else’s home and may not have access to everything.

Hotels are designed with the guest experience in mind. Whether you forgot your toiletry bag and need extra shampoo or want to order room service for a hearty breakfast after a long night, the hotel has everything you might need and will bring it right to your door. In addition, a hotel offers amenities such as an on-site fitness center, business center, and gift shop.

The amenities at Downtown Grand include:

  • Citrus Grand Pool Deck on the hotel rooftop
  • Fitness center
  • Restaurants and bars on the property
  • Room service
  • All bathroom and grooming essentials
  • Plush bedding
  • ADA-compliant rooms
  • Free WiFi throughout the resort

Citrus Grand Pool in downtown Las Vegas


If you’re looking for a little more flexibility during your stay in Las Vegas, Airbnb might not be the way to go. Many Airbnb hosts require a two or three-night minimum stay to be able to make a booking. Hosts are also able to set their own cancellation fees, which can be a pricey risk if there’s a chance you might have to change your plans.

Also, an Airbnb only has one space, which you must vacate if the host has another booking. When this happens, you’ll have to look for another place to stay or decide to return home.

Hotels generally have a cancelation policy that includes no fees if you cancel before the deadline. With so many rooms, chances are a hotel can make accommodations for you if you need to stay longer. At Downtown Grand, you can stay for only one night or multiple nights and can often find great hotel deals for any type of Vegas getaway.


When it comes to cost, several factors come into play. How many people are you staying with? What type of room do you need? For Airbnb, are you content staying in a single room in another person’s house, or do you want to rent the entire property? For a hotel, do you need a suite or a room with a view? Are you heading to Las Vegas during the week or weekend?

Overall, you must weigh these factors and consider what choice makes the most sense for your group. Renting an Airbnb home can be expensive, but it might not be too bad if you’re splitting the cost with multiple people. However, you may end up spending more on transportation.

Because Downtown Grand has everything you need all in one place, you could potentially save a lot by staying in the downtown area.

The Full Las Vegas Experience

Downtown Las Vegas is a place unlike any other. Staying at a downtown hotel can ensure you get all the glitz and glamour of vintage Las Vegas, the fun-night-out vibes of bouncing from bar to bar, the best gaming odds in the city, award-winning restaurants, and free live entertainment. You can also enjoy the famous Fremont Street video canopy, ziplining, street art, shopping, and more.

If you’re looking for the full Las Vegas experience, Downtown Grand has you covered. Contact our team today to learn more about our Downtown Las Vegas rooms and suites, amenities, hotel deals and packages, or things to do in Las Vegas!

Overview of Downtown Las Vegas

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