Reasons Why Las Vegas Is Great for Remote Business Workers

It has been several months now since many people switched over to remote working. At first, working from home seemed like a great opportunity. People loved being able to do all of their work in the comfort of their homes. However, with time, working from home can become quite stressful.

When you are a remote worker, you miss out on many things. You may not think about the social aspects of work, or even just being away from the house part of work, but both play an important part in our lives.

Many people have found that the best way to continue working from home is to work somewhere else. If you can do your job at the kitchen table, doesn’t that mean you could do it in a hotel suite? At a poolside lounge? In a downtown Las Vegas cafe? If you are performing your job, does it really matter where you work from if you are doing it remotely?

Exclusive Hotel Deals While Working Remotely

Why not take advantage of some of the downtown Las Vegas hotel deals while working from “home.” There are several options available for you at the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino that may be exactly what you need to get over those work from home blues.

There are hotel specials like “Buy 2 Nights Get 1 Free” or a Foodie Package that gives you $50 towards different foods and beverages at the resort each day. If you are a member of the U.S. military or a veteran, enjoy a 15% discount on your stay. AAA or AARP discounts are also available to applicable remote workers as well.

Downtown Grand also has event spaces for private meetings and social events that you might still need for small gatherings.

Overview of Downtown Las Vegas

An Art Scene Like No Other

At the Downtown Grand, you will be fascinated and awed by the hotel art from local artists you will find throughout the hotel floors and rooms. We are proud of our art displays and encourage everyone to take the time to enjoy these unique pieces.

Downtown Grand takes it’s art to the next-level with augmented reality pieces enabled by iPads available in the rooms. These virtual experience rooms then have windows looking out  to a mural where the art comes to life!

Our hotel is also a few blocks from the East Fremont District known for its outdoor art displays of art. This side of town has become a sort of creative community that continues to grow and welcomes tourists and locals alike to support painters, musicians, and the local business owners. More events and attractions are being added regularly so be sure to ask the hotel’s front desk what is happening!


Poolside Breaks and After Work Drinks

Later in the afternoon, you trade your room in for a table at the cabana and sit poolside at the Citrus Cabana Pool Deck which is available to hotel guests and sits rooftop overlooking Fremont Street and the downtown area, and people watch while you complete your work. The fresh air and open space will enhance creativity and boost your spirits while working.

Citrus Grand Pool at the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino

Then, when your workday is done, it is time to have some drinks nd dinner and their are 4 bars at the Downtown Grand plus Triple George Grill if you are already hungry as well. All our restaurants and bars offer a mix of custom drinks and happy hour snacks and appetizers to keep you well-fed without having to go far.

There are also lots of bars and restaurants to choose from not far off site, like Pizza Rock, Hogs & Heifers and many other just down under the Fremont Street canopy, just a short walk away.

Evening Getaways

Now that the workday is done, does not mean that the night is over. It is time to get up and stretch your legs, and have a little bit of fun. The Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino has a large casino area, stand-up comedy shows, and we have downtown’s only $1 Blackjack tables and Fremont Street Experience is just a few short blocks away!

The main thing for remote workers to remember is they can get away and go anywhere while working during the day. They aren’t tied to their computer in their home. If you’re able to get away during the week, try out Las Vegas. It’ll give you the sense you’re on vacation while you’re really working.

Everyone needs a break during these uncertain times. It is important to get out and get a breath of fresh air, have a bit of fun, and take your mind off of things while facing the hardships of the pandemic and having to work from home.

Blackjack hand

Weekend Brunch And Getting One Last Thrill In

Freedom Beat is known for it’s weekend brunch and live music line-up of local musician’s whom you might know from The Voice or from other venues in downtown Las Vegas. You don’t have to go far from our hotel to get right into the fun of Las Vegas.

After brunch, you can find plenty of mid-morning or early afternoon things to do. There are three ziplines in Las Vegas. SlotZilla, a few short blocks away, or there is the VooDoo Zipline and Fly LINQ which are up on the strip. Not down for flying high? This action-packed town also has some of the most interesting museums and kinds of museums you’d find only in Las Vegas that can give you a story to tell when you get home:

  • Neon Museum & Boneyard: If you are a move buff, you know many movies have been shot here in Las Vegas – Fear & Loathing in las Vegas, Leaving Las Vegas and , to name a few. The Neon museum has a Boneyard where they collect all of the neon signs Las Vegas has donned and then retired for the “next big thing”. Come walk through years of neon history.
  • Burlesque Hall of Fame: Preserving the “art of the tease”, the Burlesque Hall of Fame is the world’s only museum dedicated to preserving the “art of the tease”. With thousand costumes, burlesque props, memoirs and photographs, it pays homage to the women and men who made sex a true art form in the mid- to late-19th Century.
  • Erotic Heritage Museum: If the Sin City truly inspires you in all it’s art forms, checking out the Erotic Heritage Museum may just be the place for you. It was actually built as a sex positive exhibition space but does includ many preserved erotic artifacts, art & film, and they even host educational and cultural events.
  • Mob Museum: Many do not realize what an influence the mafia had in making Las Vegas what it is today. Be sure to walkthrough and read the rich history of the once quiet desert town and the stories notorious of notorious men who made their riches and funded organized crime with casino enterprises.


Mob Museum in Downtown Las Vegas

Book Your Work From Home Getaway

Finding creative ways to work remotely will be refreshing for your work and for your overall mental health. It is a way to embrace the harsh changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought into our lives and making things better. Read more on our COVID-19 Reopening policy here.

The downtown Las Vegas area has so much to offer and the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino has everything you need. Located away from the main strip, you will find unique dining choices, fabulous lounges offering signature drinks, fabulous neon lights and amazing art, and of course, fantastic casinos to play in.

The best reason to choose downtown Las Vegas as an area to work remotely is that it is an affordable choice that offers many benefits during and after work. Where else can you go and enjoy work and play all in one area?

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