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The Return of Grunge
October 25, 2017

The Return of Grunge

Gibson Presents City Soundtracks: Sounds of Seattle

City Soundtracks in Downtown Las Vegas

Why do some cities never sleep? The music is just too good. From underground venues to beer gardens and music halls to arena stages, some places rock out 24/7 with a style all their own. Jazz belongs to New Orleans. Nashville waves the country flag. Motown grooves in Detroit. Seattle has grunge.

In these musical meccas, the soundscape is more identifiable than the skyline. To celebrate these diverse sounds and legacies, Freedom Beat and Gibson have taken the musical reigns and are launching a new live music series: City Soundtracks Presented by Gibson.

Seattle Sounds Meet Downtown Las Vegas

Freedom Beat, Downtown Las Vegas’ home of tastes and tunes, will begin this musical series with a two-night event on November 9 and 10. The focus is on Seattle, where the grunge and alternative rock waves began on the amps of legendary bands such as Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and of course Nirvana.

Curated by Nick Mattera and Patrick Genovese from Gibson — lead of local sensation Strung Out Sessions — and featuring some of the best musicians in Las Vegas, City Soundtracks inaugural session will serve as an ode to the MTV Unplugged sessions from the ’90s. The live music event will host three main stage performers along with a slew of guest performers, each possessing a unique talent specific to Seattle’s featured artists, allowing for an unmistakably familiar cover of the best songs from each catalog.

Relive Your Favorite Seattle Hits in Downtown Vegas

Freedom Beat City Soundtracks Concert

Along with the musical tribute to this groundbreaking scene that sparked a generation, fans will get an intimate peek behind the curtain as Genovese regales fans with famous — or infamous — stories and trivia behind each song. Also, guest requests will be encouraged throughout the night making this a genuinely immersive concert experience.

In addition to live music, guests looking for the full Teen Spirit experience can book the ’90s Grunge Room Package November 9 – 12. Complete with a ’90s survival kit including band posters and cassettes, this package will score you front row seats to the show and $100 dining credit.

Grab your Doc Martins, throw on your flannel shirt, and get ready for a night of grunge as we celebrate the American music scene at Freedom Beat.

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