Tips for Playing Slot Tournaments

You think you’re ready for our upcoming Football Frenzy Slot Tournament in our state-of-the-art Downtown Las Vegas casino? Unlike poker or blackjack, slot tournaments are more beginner friendly. Now this isn’t to say you can just enter blindy. You’ll need to consider these few tips, and you may win your share of $25,000 this weekend.

Arrive earlyFree Slot Play in Downtown Las Vegas

You need time to relax and focus before you sit down in front of the machine. So arrive more than a few minutes before the first round. Be prepared. If you’re not already a Downtown Grand Rewards member, make sure you sign up ahead of time. This will make the process seamless and give you time to get in the right frame of mind.

Need for speed

Speed is vital if you want to win. You may not be able to control what comes up on the reels, but you can control the number of spins. It’s basic math – the more spins, the more wins.

Stay focused

To maximize your winnings, you’ll need to spin the second the reel stops. This means staying focused and minimizing any and all distractions. Block out your surroundings and focus solely on your machine during the 2-minute rounds. Don’t worry about how much time you have left, just keep spinning. We’ll stop you when the time comes. Also, don’t distract yourself by peaking on your neighbors’ scores – you’ll only hurt yourself.

Hold the celebrations

It’s tempting to cheer when you get a big win, but you’re not finished until the time runs out. Despite any big wins that may come through, keep your strategy of spinning at the completion of every reel.
Embrace your superstitions
Don’t listen to Stevie Wonder. Be superstitious and bring along your lucky talisman. The grand prize in this tournament is $10,000 – you’ll want any bit of luck you can get!

Now you’re ready. Registration takes place Friday, August 24th from 4pm – 7pm and Saturday, August 25th from 9am – 10m. The first round will begin at 11am on Saturday.
Good luck!

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