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Mob Museum in Downtown Las Vegas

Visit The Mob Museum in Downtown Las Vegas

December 12, 2019

For many, thoughts of Las Vegas conjure up visions of celebrity chefs, showgirls, and world-class nightlife. However, there was a time not long ago when organized crime ruled everything Las Vegas. While some may have gotten to experience Las Vegas during its time of mob rule, most don’t know the history behind just how much influence the mob had over both the city and the nation as a whole.

If you have always wanted to learn more about how organized crime shaped Las Vegas, be sure to head over to The Mob Museum in Downtown Las Vegas for tours, events, and even a prohibition-style speakeasy to really set the tone of the era. Here’s what you need to know about what you can expect from The Mob Museum.

Mob Museum Crime Lab

One of the most popular experiences at The Mob Museum is the Crime Lab. Visitors love this interactive, hands-on exhibit because it offers the opportunity to explore the work of some of the most vital jobs in the police world. Visitors get to learn more about crime scene investigators, DNA profilers, medical examiners, and much more. The Crime Lab is everything you love about CSI but in the real-life context of these experts working together to analyze forensic evidence to solve a crime.

Organized Crime Today

While The Mob Museum gives visitors plenty of opportunities to step back in time and learn more about mob influence throughout history, one particular exhibit focuses on current-day organized crime. Visitors can see how time and technology have changed how organized crime operates in the world today. Organized Crime Today uses a 17-foot-wide interactive touch wall to explore where and how organized crime extends across the globe today. Visitors also get insight into how law enforcement uses their own training and technology to fight back.

Speakeasy & Distillery

Although these are technically two individual exhibits, they go together link home-brewed moonshine and bootleggers. At the Speakeasy, visitors get the chance to immerse themselves in the secrecy and glamor of a traditional (albeit legal) speakeasy. Featuring exciting exhibits and a stage for of-the-era entertainment coupled with a carefully curated menu of popular prohibition-era cocktails and shareable bites, you won’t want to miss a trip to the Speakeasy.

Be sure to try Al Capone’s favorite cocktail, the Southside, a refreshing mix of gin, lemon, mint, and sugar or the Lock & Key, a blend of gin, tea, vermouth, blueberries, and sugar — reportedly a favorite of two-timing prohibition agents!

At The Distillery, guests have the opportunity to learn the stories of the infamous bootleggers and rumrunners, and the less popular government agents who were tasked with stopping them. The real attraction, however, is an actual working still that produces authentic moonshine. You can even have a sample of the deliciously potent concoction of the time. If you’re interested in learning more about the distillation process, you can also take a tour where you will get insight into pre-1920s drinking culture paired with a variety of distilled spirit samples and even a chance to meet the distillers!

Events at The Mob Museum

The Mob Museum regularly hosts a variety of exciting and informative events designed to transport you even further into the mob ruled era of the city. For the music buffs in the group, be sure to check out Free Live Jazz in the Underground and don’t forget to check The Mob Museum Underground Instagram for the weekly password for free entry. Other upcoming events include:

Bootlegger Boogie – A monthly event that teaches attendees a different dance straight from the Prohibition-era
Science of Crime – A monthly event featuring the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Forensic Laboratory focusing on in-depth examinations of various sciences that use forensic analysis to process crime scene evidence
Book Signings –  Previous book signings have featured former Chicago mobster Frank Culotta, and Scott Deitche, author of Garden State Gangland
The IRS and Organized Crime – This event features a respected panel discussion with current IRS Criminal Investigation agents discussing how they uncover financial crimes
Becoming America’s Playground: Las Vegas in the 1950s – Join Historian Larry Gragg for an in-depth discussion of how Las Vegas grew into the premier destination for indulging illegal vices.

No matter what kind of event you’re looking for, The Mob Museum features a rotating calendar with one for you!

Mob Museum Room Package

For anyone looking to make staying in Downtown Las Vegas and visiting The Mob Museum one seamless transaction, Downtown Grand has you covered. At Downtown Grand, guests who want to visit The Mob Museum can simply book The Mob Museum Room Package. The package includes a room and two adult tickets to The Mob Museum.

The museum is conveniently located within walking distance, right across Stewart Avenue from the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino. One great way to take advantage of this room package is to find an event you want to attend at the museum, and book your stay around that! Most events are free with museum admission, so you get to take advantage of the variety of exhibits as well as the event of your choosing.

No matter what you plan to do in Downtown Las Vegas, Downtown Grand’s Mob Museum Package makes it easy to take advantage of an educational and exciting museum in the process!

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