What to Expect When You Stay in Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino

Downtown Las Vegas is undoubtedly a unique part of Sin City. Many Las Vegas visitors have only stayed on the Strip or really don’t know much about the downtown area. However, more and more people are choosing to stay in Downtown Las Vegas rather than the overpriced resorts on the Strip, and it’s easy to see why. Here are some of the perks you can expect when you stay in Downtown Las Vegas.

Reasonable Prices Compared to Las Vegas Strip

One of the biggest reasons people choose to stay downtown is the affordability aspect of the area. When compared to the Strip, Downtown Las Vegas hotel room rates, table limits, drink prices, and transportation costs are considerably lower. There’s a reason you always see visitors in downtown with drinks in hand! No expensive upcharges or outrageous drink prices here.

If you’re visiting Las Vegas on a budget, DTLV can deliver all the glitz and glamour you’d expect from Sin City, without the harsh prices you find on the Strip. Although many of the Fremont Street resorts have been remodeled and revitalized in recent years, the affordability and vintage charm of the area remains, making it one of the most attractive places to stay for many tourists.

Eclectic Crowds of Locals and Tourists

Downtown Las Vegas provides such an interesting mix of people from all walks of life. You will see rowdy crowds of young people bar hopping on Fremont Street, but also couples spending a romantic weekend together, retirees gambling in the casinos, and Las Vegas locals enjoying a night out. Because there’s so much to do and see in Downtown Las Vegas, the area attracts people of all ages and backgrounds.

The Las Vegas Strip tends to pull in the biggest tourist crowds, which can be stressful or overwhelming for some visitors. Downtown offers a more intimate environment without the massive tourist crowds you’d typically find on the Strip. You’ll also have a chance to mingle with some Las Vegas locals and get the inside scoop on the best places to visit during your trip from the people who know it best.

More Free Entertainment Options

Live Music by Downtown Vegas Pool

Free entertainment used to be a staple in Las Vegas, but times have changed for the major resorts and casinos on the Strip. Watching a show or enjoying a concert can often be the most expensive part of your trip these days! However, Downtown Las Vegas has held tightly to the classic Las Vegas ideas of affordable prices and unique entertainment.

Downtown Las Vegas features free concerts, DJs, and performances throughout the year, so there’s no need to spend big bucks for entertainment. In addition, many of the casinos on Fremont Street, including Downtown Grand, host major events, festivals, and parties that are open to the public for a low entrance fee. You can enjoy drink specials and free nightly entertainment without ever having to leave the downtown area!

Vintage Vegas Atmosphere

If you haven’t been to Downtown Las Vegas for some time, you may have a picture in your mind of what downtown used to look like. However, downtown hotels have undergone some significant changes in the last decade, particularly the hotels and Downtown Las Vegas casinos upgrading their accommodations and amenities, offering many of the same services that the big Strip resorts provide.

Although the hotels and casinos have made a significant shift to a more modern and sophisticated style in many ways, the best parts of “Old Vegas” will always remain. This means high-energy dealers at low-limit tables, fun bartenders pouring generous drinks, non-stop entertainment in the streets, and warm, welcoming crowds continue to be a part of the DTLV experience.

No Need to Pay for Transportation

The convenience of Downtown Las Vegas is one of the major perks of this area. All the major casinos, restaurants, bars, and attractions are so close to each other that it’s rare that you’ll need to drive or use a ride-sharing service to get around. You can simply walk from place to place without the worry of having to find a parking spot or paying hefty parking fees.

Fremont adds to the convenience by being closed to traffic where the casinos line the street. So once you step outside the Downtown Grand doors, there’s more room for pedestrians to walk up and down Fremont and quickly get to where they’re going, even if there are large crowds on the street. If you’re trying to avoid having a car while you’re visiting Las Vegas, your best bet is to stay in downtown.

More Cultural Attractions

The variety of cultural attractions offered and things to do in Downtown Las Vegas is hard to find anywhere else. From museums to art galleries, music festivals to Broadway shows, Downtown Las Vegas is where to go if you want to experience a more creative vibe of the city. The Las Vegas Arts District is located just outside of Fremont Street and hosts a monthly First Friday arts festival for people to enjoy live music, food trucks, performances, and of course, featured artwork.

The Smith Center for the Performing Arts is the cultural hub of the city located right in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas. This venue hosts plays, musicals, the Las Vegas Philharmonic, Nevada Ballet Theater, and so much more. Aside from the parties and crowds in Downtown Las Vegas, this area is such an essential part of the city’s growing art scene.

If you’re on the fence on where to stay during your next trip to Las Vegas, it’s time to take another look at downtown. Nobody throws a party quite like Downtown Las Vegas, and you’re truly missing out if you haven’t experienced the vibrancy, excitement, and charm of this part of town. It’s all happening at Downtown Grand, so contact us today to learn more about our upgraded accommodations, the Citrus Grand Pool Deck on our rooftop, world-renowned restaurants and casino floor, and exceptional customer service.

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