11 Wild Things To Do In Las Vegas

We dare you to have fun on your Vegas vacay without stepping inside a casino. We bet you’ll have one of the most thrilling times of your life. You’ll probably be surprised to learn that there are so many wild things to do in Las Vegas outside of the norm. Check out 11 fun activities to experience a different side of Sin City and hit the jackpot on what Downtown Las Vegas has to offer.

1. Ride Slotzilla Zipline on Fremont Street

Only in Downtown Vegas can you zipline from a 12-story slot machine with a name like “SlotZilla”! Take a ride beneath the famous Fremont Street canopy, high above the strolling visitors. Thrill-seekers can ride 114 feet high in a head-first position or 77 feet high in a seated position. Either way, it’s a real adrenaline rush and probably something you didn’t have on your agenda. It’s only a couple of blocks from Downtown Grand, so you’re not far from all the action.

2. See Real Sharks at Seaquest Las Vegas

Girls looking at the fish in a big aquarium

Vegas may be a desert town, but you can see plenty of marine life while you’re here! See real sharks and other ocean dwellers, including otters, Caiman alligators and more at Seaquest Las Vegas. Touch, feed and snorkel with reef sharks and stingrays. Walk through lush rainforest environments to marvel at the wildlife. Desert wildlife is represented, too, and kids love the aqua petting pond. You’ll find Seaquest just a few miles from Downtown Las Vegas.

3. Pick Your Own Produce at Gilcrease Orchard

Farming and fresh produce don’t usually come to mind when you envision Las Vegas, so this unexpected activity is that “wholesome” kind of wild. Why not? Against all odds, the Gilcrease family created Gilcrease Orchard as a successful multi-generational farming venture with roots in Vegas going back to 1920—and only a quick drive from Downtown Las Vegas. Bring your friends or family to this local treasure and pick your own produce. It’s a wonderful experience to get away from the crowded city streets and flashing lights for a few hours.

4. Check Out the Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary

Speaking of the Gilcrease legacy in Las Vegas, this is also the family behind the Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary, which is home to several types of exotic birds and farm animals. Many of these animals were abandoned or turned in when owners could no longer care for them. Visitors get to see and learn about these animals—and maybe even interact with some of them! You’ll find Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary only about 20 minutes from Downtown Las Vegas, just next to Gilcrease Orchard.

5. Drive an Exotic Car Around a Racetrack

Experience life in the fast lane in your favorite fantasy ride: Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, McLaren and anything else you can dream up. Channel your inner race car driver and push yourself to the limit at some of the local luxury rental car facilities—complete with a racetrack! At Exotics Racing and SPEEDVEGAS, for example, the cars and racetracks are equipped with great safety features to indulge your need for speed.

6. Visit The National Atomic Testing Museum

By Photo by zzyzx – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Dedicated to the scientific and historical preservation of the US Nuclear Testing Program as well as ongoing awareness and education, visit The National Atomic Testing Museum right in the heart of Las Vegas. Through exhibits and other Cold War relics, the museum’s mission is to create a better future and deeper appreciation of our world. Don’t miss the simulated experience of a detonation.

7. Dine at Heart Attack Grill in Downtown

Looking for something you know you can’t get at home? Go BIG on gluttony where eating is an extreme sport at Heart Attack Grill in Downtown Las Vegas. Take on the Octuple Bypass Burger—eight beef patties topped with 40 bacon slices and copious amounts of cheese for a near 20,000-calorie overload. Of course, the Single, Double, or Triple Bypass Burgers are plentiful, juicy and delicious, so wager that your eyes aren’t bigger than your stomach.

8. Get an Adrenaline Rush Shooting Machine Guns

If you’ve never shot a real-life AK-47, M4 or an MP5, this is your chance! The Range 702 is Vegas’ largest indoor shooting range, at over 10,000 sq. ft, specializing in extreme machine gun shooting experiences like real-life Call of Duty shooting experiences and alien and zombie target practice. They also have the world’s only pintle-mounted multi-barrel machine gun — The Quadzilla — that shoots over 1,400 round per minute! Not only does all this await you at the range, but they pick you right up at and drop you back off at your downtown Las Vegas hotel! Just remember though, you must be sober, sane and not pregnant to put some rounds down range — safety first!


9. Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum

If you’re fans of the hit TV show, Ghost Adventures, check out Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum, just minutes from Downtown Las Vegas. Even if you’ve never seen the show, you’re sure to catch creepy vibes while viewing purportedly haunted artifacts, including some from the show’s most spine-chilling episodes. Check out Dr. Kevorkian’s Death Van, view the infamous Dybbuk Box, look into Bela Lugosi’s mirror, walk amongst unsettling puppets, see the staircase from Indiana’s Demon House episode, as well as a new Tiger King memorabilia exhibit and other macabre objects.

10. Skydiving—Without a Parachute?

 Indoor Skydiving - Flight in the Aerodynamic tunnel.

It’s pretty well-known that Las Vegas visitors can take a dive through the sky with several skydiving companies and wide-open spaces offering an abundance of opportunities. But what if you want the thrill of skydiving without the risk of jumping from a plane? Fulfill your fantasy of freefalling through a simulated experience! Vegas Indoor Skydiving has packages that include training, gear and jumping in an extreme wind tunnel over a sturdy mesh safety net. Now you’ll be able to say you went skydiving in Vegas without a parachute and survived.

11. Hot Air Balloon Rides Over Las Vegas

Here’s something you definitely don’t do every day! Hot air balloon rides are a great way to enjoy the unique Las Vegas skyline and try something off the beaten path. There are several hot air balloon ride companies in Las Vegas to get your feet off the ground. Arrive early to watch them inflate your balloon, then lift off for a fresh perspective of this town that never sleeps. Some places even serve champagne and breakfast after your hour-long ride.


There are so many more unusual and intriguing places to enthrall you all around this beautiful city. So come on over and do Vegas differently! If you plan on staying with us at Downtown Grand, our concierge or front desk staff can help you with directions, making reservations or arranging transportation to any of these attractions.

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