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Elmer Abapo performs in Downtown Las Vegas
Elmer Abapo
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Elmer Abapo

August 24 | 7:00 pm-10:00 pm

With certain artists, you often have a preconceived notion of what to expect based on their image; perhaps it’s something to do with their choice of clothing and jewelry; perhaps it’s the way they carry themselves. Something about the artist triggers the subconscious to anticipate a particular type of performance. However, when it comes to Las Vegas Hip Hop and R&B artist Elmer Abapo, there’s an initial uncertainty with what to expect.

Standing at 5’5” and dressed in a minimalist aesthetic, Elmer Abapo discards the traditional extravagant jewelry and flamboyant clothing choices of his contemporaries, speaking to his philosophy towards music: stripping away all of the superficial and revealing the beauty underneath. Addressing the audience in a soft spoken, yet confident tone of voice, he speaks with a calculated cadence that momentarily neutralizes the energy in the room. One moment, Elmer Abapo is a cool and composed speaker; the next moment, he transforms into a dynamic whirlwind of vocal prowess, filling the room with a flood of energy that any unprepared audience could never anticipate.


Friday, August 24th | 7pm – 10pm
Free Admission | All Ages
Freedom Beat – located on the casino floor