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Grand Rewards

Earning free slot play with your new Grand Rewards card is easier than ever!

Free Daily Slot Tournament for Hotel Guests

Enter a free slot tournament daily during your hotel stay!

Game Day Giveaway

Win your share of $25,000 this football season!

Gambler’s Specials

Sign up for a Grand Rewards card and get discounts on your favorite items from Freedom Beat!

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Surf n’ Turf

Enjoy the Surf n’ Turf special at Freedom Beat for only $19.99 or get a free meal after you earn 600 base points!

$50,000 Blackjack Tournament

Win your share of $50,000!

$5,555 Hot Seat

Win your share of $5,555!

Festival5 5x Point Multiplier

5X Points on Reel, Video Reel & Table Games!

Festival5 Kiosk Game

Swipe at the Promotional Kiosk for a chance to win up to $1,000 in free slot play!

Festival5 T-shirt Giveaway

Get a Festival5 T-shirt with every 500 base points earned!

Festival5 $50k Drawing

5 winners have the chance to take home $50,000 in CASH!

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