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Grand Rewards

Earning free slot play with your new Grand Rewards card is easier than ever!

Free Daily Slot Tournament for Hotel Guests

Enter a free slot tournament daily during your hotel stay!

Gambler’s Specials

Sign up for a Grand Rewards card and get discounts on your favorite items from Freedom Beat!

January Giveaway

Win a custom Downtown Grand Hoodie every Thursday!

KaChingko, drawing at downtown grand

KaChingko Drawing

Win up to $15,000!

Sled Game

Win up to $1,000 in free slot play!

downtown las vegas casino

Polo Shirt Giveaway

Every Thursday in February earn and win a Downtown Grand Polo Shirt!

downtown las vegas casino

Sweet Treat Giveaway

Win a Sweet Life Candy Bar with up to $500 in Free Slot Play!

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