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Freedom Beat’s Culinary Road Trip Travels Back East to the City of Brotherly Love

Chef Scott Commings Takes Passengers to the City of Philadelphia for His Monthly Sold-Out Dinner Series on Wednesday, August 23rd at Freedom Beat inside the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino

Philadelphia Marks the Sixth Stop On This Culinary Excursion And Follows Last Month’s Wildly Successful Trip To Vintage Las Vegas!

LAS VEGAS – (August 9, 2017) –  Five stops, five sell-outs, hundreds of happy passengers, and the joy ride continues as Chef Scott hops on the I-70 E and makes a beeline straight from last month’s Vintage Vegas cuisine, to the city of Philadelphia for his monthly Culinary Road Trip dinner series on Wednesday, August 23rd at Freedom Beat inside the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino.  

With Chef Scott always in control of the wheel for this intimate dinner series (maximum 25 guests) designed to be family-style and interactive, he faces his toughest challenge yet as he prepares a menu inspired by the city famous for its authentic palette, and infamous for once booing Santa Claus (America’s most beloved figure) at an Eagles game while chasing him off the field with a flurry of snow balls. [Yikes!]  With that in mind, Commings has assembled a collection of dishes guaranteed to give him the home-field advantage, ensuring that the room is Always Sunny and filled with nothing but Brotherly Love.

The Beginnings will feature a Pennsylvania classic Dutch Platter, along with House Made Pierogi, Braunschweiger, and House Smoked Kielbasa; while the main course will serve up a host of Philadelphia’s best, including Classic Stromboli. For the “Philly Fanatics” in the room, the rivalry is in your hands as Chef Scott gives you a choice for the ages between two Philadelphia Cheesesteak landmarks; Geno’s or Pat’s, “But make sure you know how to order,” notes Commings. I’ll take one whiz without please.

A Dutch Platter:
 House Made Pierogi
Braunschweiger – Croutons and Whole grain Mustard
House Smoked Kielbasa

Phillies Own Classic Stromboli
 Philly Cheese Steak
(Geno’s or Pat’s)

Sweet style
Moon Pies


Paired with a regional beer and a Sweet Style finale of Moon Pies, all passengers will receive a stamp on their Culinary Road Trip Passport – the more Road Trip cities you visit, the more great rewards and dining experiences you will receive for future visits to Freedom Beat.

Unlike traditional dinner series, the Culinary Road Trip is designed for those who like good food, good music, and great fun. Priced at just $35 per person and based on a first come, first serve basis, limited tickets are available now at EventBrite or plan your next delicious destination ahead of time by staying up to date with all future Culinary Road Trips at:


About Event:
Wednesday, August 23rd
Inside Freedom Beat at the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino
6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

About Freedom Beat
Freedom Beat is the restaurant and live music venue where tastes and tunes collide. Like a roadie’s ode to the best dishes discovered on-tour traversing America, the menu at Freedom Beat is a star-spangled culinary adventure. Created by Chef Scott Commings the restaurant takes its cues from the best dishes found throughout the USA. With dining offered round-the-clock, Freedom Beat features deliciously diverse take on items for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night. Right off of the casino floor, Freedom Beat features 160 seats, a generous bar, and private dining area. The ultimate musician’s joint, the sound, lighting and staging were developed for the artist with the same precision and expertise as the kitchen was for the chef.

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